Hello, it's been a while

I was supposed to do some admin work this morning, but then I saw my website backend window and thought, "hmm maybe it's a good time to update this space" (very much inspired by my friend Kat's recent blog adventures). So if you're new here, hello! If you're an old friend, welcome back.

My last active post was dated February 2017, and even though I wrote some things after that, I felt like they're not what I wanted to express in this journal, so off to the archives they went. Housekeeping, I'd like to call it.

So, I guess this is where I give you updates, but first, a backstory. Late last year, I made my first ever vision board, hoping that it would give me direction in terms of my art career. I wrote down goals, added motivational quotes, and looked at it everyday. I also thought that the first step to achieving my goals was to build a body of work, so I dedicated the first quarter of 2018 to fixing my portfolio. That meant saying no to other opportunities and slowing down or taking a step back in other areas (like production, commission work, and events), but I felt like I had to build a strong foundation in order for my art career to flourish. 

 Lots of things happened, and lots of art were made!

Lots of things happened, and lots of art were made!

Looking back at the first quarter of 2018, I think I did a pretty solid job. I made tons of art, I learned new techniques, and I updated my portfolio with new work that I liked. That last part is really important to me because I have a tendency to be hard on myself. Now I feel like I can face the rest of the year with confidence. :)