Shopping around for inspiration

I've been a supplies geek for as long as I can remember. I love smelling books and paper, seeing freshly sharpened pencils all lined up, testing different pens to add to my collection, choosing a pencil case to house all my tools. As a kid, aside from Christmas, my favorite season is back-to-school, because it was the only time of year when indulging on supplies was allowed, or sometimes even required!

My student days are long gone, but I haven't outgrown my love for school supplies. Now instead of shopping for actual items, I take advantage of back-to-school season to shop for inspiration. Many of the people who support my business are students, so I always try to innovate by spotting trends at local shops and one of my favorite supplies havens, SM Stationery.

Trend #1 - Candy Colors

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The first thing that caught my eye when I entered the SM Megamall store was how vast their selection of colorful items are. When I was studying I loved brightly-colored supplies because they kept me motivated, especially when I had difficult homework or a tough time at school. Up to this day, colors help me keep bad vibes at bay and are always incorporated in my work.

Trend #2 - Food

Food is also featured heavily in my work, so I was delighted to see that pens, purses, and even travel accessories were adorned with all sorts of yummy illustrations. I gravitated toward banana- and egg-themed items because I love eating them in real life (sorry Gudetama!).

Trend #3 - Patterns

I have recently gotten interested in surface pattern design, and SM Stationery didn't disappoint in this department. Everywhere I looked there were products covered in fun and cheerful prints! Seeing how patterns were applied on various items definitely inspired me to continue experimenting with my own designs.

Trend #4 - Nature

One thing I also enjoyed seeing while browsing the store was the assortment of nature-themed products. Notebooks, journals, bags, and pen cases were decorated with different depictions of flowers and foliage. As someone who prefers to stay indoors most of the time, these items are great at letting me bring a bit of outside inspiration in.

Trend #5 - Cute Animals

A trip to SM Stationery wouldn't be complete without checking out their cute animal selection! Animals are my weakness, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I brought home a couple of items embellished with ducks and bears and alpacas.

Aside from admiring the prettiness of it all, what I love about SM Stationery is their different price points, so there's something for you whatever your budget is! For back-to-school season, they even have a special bundle that includes essential school supplies and a bag, all for Php 399! 

Whether it's back-to-school season or not, one thing is sure--I'll always stop by SM Stationery whenever I go to the mall to look for inspiration and to buy myself a couple of items, all in the name of "research and product development"!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but all the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.