I'm on TinyLetter!

I love writing, but this blogging thing isn't really...well, my thing. Believe me, I tried making a schedule for it so I make sure it's updated, brainstormed and listed down topics to write about, but to no avail. I figured being an introvert could have something to do with my apprehension--it felt so unlike me to share (or overshare?) online. Clicking the "publish" button on posts made me anxious in the past, and being an overthinker certainly didn't help. Did my post make sense? Would people misinterpret what I wrote? Did I say something offensive? Aaaaah!

I still want to continue writing, and I hope to do that by starting a TinyLetter account. I feel like having this platform to converse and exchange ideas will be more beneficial than an outdated blog. I will still post announcements and news here, but if you want to get a behind-the-scenes look at my process or access to unfiltered thoughts, I invite you to sign up.

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P.S. I promise not to spam you, as I can only commit to writing one letter a week.