Throwback: Travel Doodles Malaysia

I don't take a lot of photos when I travel (I am very unlucky with cameras when out of town--a story for another time), so to remember what I did and where I went I draw pictures.

In November 2013, I had the chance to visit Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia. It was a trip full of fun memories (first time to ride a sleeper train, tasting the best roti and milk tea everrrr, making friends with the hostel uncle, to name a few) and traumatic ones (missing my flight...when I didn't have enough ringgit to pay for another flight back home). Looking at this deck now, I realize that when I travel I forget almost everything after some time except for the food. That might be because I spend most of my doodle time drawing what I ate.

Can't wait to get to new places and start keeping a journal like this again!