Throwback: My Very First Illustrator Experience

I am not very good with technology, and that extends even to my work habits. I've been a letterer for around a year already before I started using Photoshop. Before that, I was resizing all my images in MS Paint and...MS Word. No joke.

Adobe Illustrator scares the hell out of me. I rarely use it even now. Around three years ago I tinkered with it, and I remember clearly how it blew my mind. I was working on some shirt designs for a friend who's into Owl City. I decided to ditch my then-Photoshop routine and edit the pencil sketches in Illustrator. Below is the result.

Owl City_Moon_Combined.jpg

Not perfect, but the edit took considerably shorter than if I did in in Photoshop. The lines were cleaner as well. Maybe the time has come for me to revisit Illustrator. Hmmmmm...